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Three Rules For Sketching Outstanding Three-Dimensional Drawings

22nd April 2009
Even experienced creative persons occasionally have a hard time when crafting naturalistic three-dimensional pictures. Of course they know the basic concepts and produce naturalistic drawings instinctively. But occasionally yet the most skilled find parts... Read >
Author: R. Schmidt

The magic of crystals used by Druids for foretelling the future

02nd January 2009
The reality of the magic of crystals used by Druids for foretelling the future. In 'The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon' the author, Ronald Rayner explains the intriguing reality of the magic of crystal used by Druids for foretelling the future. We lea... Read >
Author: ewssarch

Crappie fishing at night: Needed Tips

06th October 2008
Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets Crappie fishing at night can be very rewarding if you have the proper underwater fishing lights.Underwater fishing technology has been around for a few years, and anybody who goes night fishing for crappie on a r... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Holiday

27th October 2006
So you've got the big trip planned. Hotels, transportation, and activities have all been arranged, and you're excited about the big day. But before you go, make sure you make a few preparations at home. Most burglaries occur when homeowners are on vacatio... Read >
Author: Anthony Nearly
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