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Poison Ivy and what to do, when affected by it

10th April 2009
Poison Ivy is a plant that prospers through all of North America and is available in two main varieties - Western, or Pacific, and Atlantic. The concern with Poison Ivy, which grows as ground cover and can grow into large bushes, is that it contains an oi... Read >
Author: poisonivy

Japanese Skincare-Simply Beautiful Skincare Routine

23rd February 2009
If you want to start on the eternal quest for that perfect, soft skin, then Japanese skincare might be your best bet. Have you ever wondered how it is that Asian women grow old with such grace and poise? It is mainly because of the wonders that Japanes... Read >
Author: Marianne E. Arnesson

Mini Lop Ear Rabbits - Looking After Your New Baby Rabbit

29th November 2008
Housing your rabbit is essential and the bigger the better. Rabbits need somewhere they can run or be outside. They need sunshine too. However, on extremely hot days they do need protection since they do not sweat and run a risk of dehydrating or overheat... Read >
Author: Amanda

Cultural & Mythical Interpretations (Blazing-Topaz-Gemstone)

02nd July 2008
• We find the mysteries and allurement of topaz thousands of years ago. For example, the Egyptian people were used to believing that the gemstones were colored along with the golden radiance of the powerful sun "God Ra" which protected the wearer from i... Read >
Author: MUmarF
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