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Career Change - Landing That Dream Job - Part 3 of 4

06th June 2009
Interview Questions Once at the interview, you are going to be asked a lot of questions by your potential employer. They will ask about you in particular such as what your strengths and weaknesses are. You might want to prepare for answering questions ... Read >
Author: FInancial Bailout Products

Your Guide To The One Minute Commercial

31st March 2009
Of all the interview questions that you are likely to encounter, 'Tell me about yourself' is almost guaranteed, and in fact, many interviews begin with this very one. While it may be tempting to leap in and tell the interviewer all about your three pe... Read >
Author: isabel

What Exactly Girl Wants on First Date

17th February 2009
The first date basically act as the start of everything between you and the girl you are dating. It can be the start of a more stable relationship or a possible heartbreaking experience. If you have gone head over heels with the woman that you are taking ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell


01st February 2009
Answering these questions will give you a better idea of what is meant by results. If you combine results with information about the problem and the solution you are on your way to creating a winning resume. 1. I organized... 2. I created... 3. I est... Read >
Author: Robert Patterson Sr.

Tips For Getting Through A Job Interview

05th June 2008
When it comes to getting through an interview, you may find that there are problems that are going to come up, but you have to think fast. You will find that if you learn how to think things quickly, you'll be able to get through the interview. You will w... Read >
Author: Michelle L. Green

How to Design Network Server

16th June 2007
Computer Networking Interview QuestionsHere are the basic interview questions for the network administrators, system administrators and IT manager posts. These questions provide the basic information about the network communication technology, network top... Read >
Author: B. Bashir

Dot Net Questions: COM - DCOM - COM+

01st March 2007
The dot net frameworks allow you to build serviced components that can use com+ services. These components of dot net framework runs in the manages execution environment of dot net framework that is share their content with com+ application. Now the qu... Read >
Author: Pervej Munjal
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