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3 Reasons Bodyweight Calisthenics Are Better Than Cardio

08th May 2009
Most exercises split their workouts into resistance training and cardio training. They use weighted resistance for the resistance part and some type of monotonous exercise like jogging, rowing or biking for the cardio part. But by neglecting bodyweight ca... Read >
Author: Eddie Lomax

What to Say to Win Your Girlfriend Back?

30th March 2009
Your girlfriend just left you and you feel miserable. Nothing seems fun anymore and life has become a drag. Cheer up it doesn't mean all hope is lost. Put yourself together because you can still win her back. Of course you must be wondering what to do ... Read >
Author: Pax Shumway

Credit Card Convenience Checks

18th November 2008
Convenience Checks Anything that has "convenience" in it name should signal that you're going to pay for that convenience. Convenience foods save time and cost more because of it, convenience fees are added to online purchases for concert tickets, and co... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend: Is He Showing These 3 Signs Of A Controlling Personality?

27th October 2008
If you spot the signs of a controlling boyfriend, you need to deal with his controlling personality immediately. A relationship is supposed to be a well-balanced companionship between two persons. The first step when you detect the signs of a controlling ... Read >
Author: Michael Lee

Getting My Ex Back - Getting Back Your Ex Is Impossible Unless

26th June 2008
"Is getting my ex back a difficult task? What do I need to do to get my ex back? Will I get back with my ex?" Well, personally, I believe that getting back your ex is impossible unless you know what are the mistakes to avoid. This is because making the... Read >
Author: Allan Lim
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