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CCHIT Certification, and President Obama’s Medicare Bonus Payment Incentives

09th March 2009
What is CCHIT Certification?The CCHIT or Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology was organized in 2004 by three leading non-profit private associations commonly known as HIMSS, AHIMA, and the Alliance. The initial concept for CCHIT ... Read >
Author: Harsev S. Thiara, J. R.

www.hookmeup.com.au tells its members to join rival online singles dating sites.

03rd February 2009
In a bizarre marketing campaign, Australian online dating singles site www.hookmeup.com.au has issued an announcement to its 15,000 + all Australian data base to join up to competing online dating sites. In recent months, hookmeup has filled its w... Read >
Author: Matt

Key Software Evaluation Criteria

28th January 2009
There are six key software evaluation criteria that should be considered in an organizations software decision. for more detail go to www.page-brand-generator.com.By gathering the right information from the software vendors as you go through your software... Read >
Author: rishi25

How to Stay Calm in Your Job Interview

25th September 2006
If you've been shortlisted for an interview, congratulations. It's always great to win an opportunity of an interview.Job interviews can vary from having to speak to one person, through to facing panels of up to nine people, as I've done. Alternatively, y... Read >
Author: Jeannette Kavanagh

How To Choose A Computer Case

12th January 2005
Things to Consider When Choosing a Computer Case In the past, computer cases were all very similar Clones of the same boring, beige box. With all of the choices available today, this is no longer the 'case', and people can use their systems' chassis a... Read >
Author: Jason Kohrs
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