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Why men are passionate concerning skull rings

23rd May 2011
Well basically a skull ring is a ring that has a skull connected on it. Different varieties and designs of skull rings are obtainable within the market. If you would like to determine the styles of skull rings then either you will have to require a walk r... Read >
Author: Shaun Patton

Turquoise - Some Interesting Facts

09th April 2009
Jewelry from the American Southwest is very popular today, and within this genre of jewelry, one of the most popular item is a silver turquoise pendant. In many ways, turquoise jewelry has become quite synonymous with the arts and crafts of the Native Am... Read >
Author: Dale Arnold

101 questions to ask your boyfriend

18th November 2008
101 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Does he ever plan to have kids? Ask him about the career he is pursuing. Have him tell you more about his favorite hobby. Ask him questions about his spiritual beliefs. What would his dream job or dream life be l... Read >
Author: ricksweeney33
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