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30th July 2012
Today's global world, every company is on the prowl for terrific talent that is not only plausibly available but of brilliant quality too. In the last few years, the requirement for management professionals has seen a sharp rise. With the ever increasin... Read >
Author: Govindam Business School

The Benefits Of ITIL Certification For A Career In IT Services

12th August 2011
The ITIL Certification has become a good standard for everyone, who works in the IT industry. Nowadays, it is not enough to only have job experience or an academic background in IT. Many organizations now only hire professionals, who have the ITIL Certifi... Read >
Author: Zack R

Criminalist vs. Criminologist: Roles Defined

11th May 2011
The difference between a criminalist and a criminologist might seem like it would be miniscule, or these two terms might sound interchangeable. This is far from true. Criminalists and criminologists have very different jobs, and they surely know it. If yo... Read >
Author: Hadley Kadein

Universities in UK-Benefits of Studying Here!

28th February 2011
Universities in UK are known throughout the world for their academic excellence, sound infrastructure and internationally recognized degrees. A student getting enrolled into the famous UK universities gets a wonderful chance to build their career on a glo... Read >
Author: jame swright

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) system

16th August 2010
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system CCE system was introduced in October 2009 with an intention of reducing burden of studies on students and percentage of suicide. It was introduced with a broad minded concept of providing wider scope t... Read >
Author: AKG

How To Be An Effective Teacher Mentor

22nd February 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 Vince Welsh Being a teacher mentor is an important responsibility to take on. Just like becoming a great doctor, it takes much practice and development to be the best you can be in this position. To begin, it is important to have a s... Read >
Author: Vince Welsh

Know How to Write an Accounting Student Cover Letter

01st December 2009
A cover letter is a letter of introduction that is attached to your resume when you apply for a particular job. It serves as a tool to get a job. Nowadays, there is great demand for accounting students in each and every organization. If you want to sec... Read >
Author: Amanda_Eaddy

How to Get Top Results in Singapore Math Exams Through Engaging a Good Math Tutor

21st July 2009
Mathematics is a subject where top results often be better achieved through good math tuition. Studies show that private tuition helps students do better in school. This personal tuition also benefits students lagging behind or those with learning disabil... Read >
Author: Chia
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