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Vijayawada 2 B/R Flat in Lotus Land Mark Apartments for sale Ready to registration

14th February 2011
Vijayawada - Lotus Landmark Apartments - 2 B/R Fully Furnished Flat for sale at Kedareswarapet Location & Flat features : - Located in 3rd floor of Lotus Land Mark Apartments - At Kedareswarapet - In the heart of Vijayawada City - Fully Furnish... Read >
Author: Eswar Enclave Vijayawada Plots

Buddha Statues Meanings. Buddha Touching The Earth Statue

06th July 2010
Buddha statues can convey many different meanings depending on the pose, and the associated hand gesture, or mudra. In Thai temples, the most common pose has the legs crossed, with the left hand in the lap and the palm facing upwards. The right hand rests... Read >
Author: Bondy

The Different Types of Religion

04th May 2010
Religion is a huge aspect in people's lives. For many people (2.1 billion), the top religion in the world is Christianity. However, there are other religions that all have millions of people in them. The top five different types of religion are Christiani... Read >
Author: barry goodknight

The Differences and Similarities in Buddhism and Hinduism

22nd February 2010
Both Hinduism and Buddhism began in India. For centuries they have grown side by side, like a brother and a sister, sharing a history. But, there have been some periods of strife between these two religions. One of the interesting things to note about... Read >
Author: hinkyimports

Addicted to Self Improvement Programs?

23rd July 2007
Are you a self improvement junkie? Do you do have more than 3 of the following self help addictions: Are you on more than 3 self help newsletters? Do you peruse the self help section of your local bookstore? Do you know "The Secret"? Are you a l... Read >
Author: GiGi Konwin

Scrodinger's cat experiment

07th July 2006
Scrodinger's cat experiment Article Published in Ganita Chandrika (ISSN 0973-3493), [Special Issue International Physics year] 6, 19 (2005). Dr N. V. Prasad Lecturer, Department of Physics, Postgraduate Centre P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and S... Read >
Author: Nandiraju Venkata Prasad

Elementary particle Symmetry and Group theory

07th July 2006
Elementary particle Symmetry and Group theory Article was published in Ganita Chandrika (ISSN 0973-3493), 6, 13 (2006) Dr. N.V. Prasad, J. Subrahmanyam, Dr. A. Hanumaih and Dr. K.S. Ravi Department of Physics and Electronics, Postgraduate Centre ... Read >
Author: Nandiraju Venkata Prasad
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