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Time to Remember Jesus, Easter Celebration around the World

23rd March 2011
Easter celebration is enjoyed with pomp and zeal that is the most popular religious day, which has great importance in every ones life. Jesus thought that his dreams will be definitely true for all the Christians. Cultural and sporting events take place o... Read >
Author: Dharmaraj Kumar

Pakistani Marriage Traditions

18th August 2009
In the past, Pakistani brides and groom use to see them at the time of marriage. They use to see each other's pictures before marriage. Some traditional families even did not allow seeing pictures of brides in Pakistan. Gradually families in Pakistan beco... Read >
Author: Tahir Jamil

Wedding Favors That Last a Lifetime

24th July 2009
Wedding favors are a must have in any wedding. It is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to your guests, thanking them for their participation in attending your wedding ceremony and reception. Almost all cultures in the world have their very own versio... Read >
Author: Amin Ramjee

Christian Weddings In South India

11th June 2009
The word 'wedding' itself raises spirits in the minds of people. In fact, the very sound of the word 'wedding' gives us a joyous bump. Ever wondered what it is about weddings that enthralls and fascinates everyone. Nothing in this world is so gaily celebr... Read >
Author: Jharna Bhatnagar


23rd July 2008
Every culture has flowers as an important and integral part of their wedding. In a Jewish wedding wreaths of flowers are crowned to the mother of the bride as an honor and the chuppahs are beautifully decorated with wedding flowers. In a Hindu marriage fl... Read >
Author: Innomax Soutions
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