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01st August 2012
Are you a writer of short stories? Do you manage to stitch together good to read fictional or real life stories out of your experiences?  Then what is holding you back?  Let the world know about your talent and read some of the most interesting stories ... Read >
Author: alaina

Jehovah Witness Beliefs - Jehovahs Witnesses in school and dating

01st March 2010
A true Life Jehovahs Witness Story The full article is here : Jehovahs Witness Beliefs The next 2 years of college and the witnesses laid down many patterns which i have seen repeated repeatedly across forums and other members' stories. It's usual for ki... Read >
Author: Lucio Hill

Pros And Cons Of Term Life Insurance Plan

22nd March 2009
Term insurance is also known as term assurance plan that gives coverage for a particular time of period. In this period, the insured person can drop and can renew his policy. If the policy holder dies in this period, his nominee will get the death benefit... Read >
Author: Sarvesh Sharma

Is My Shih Tzu Pregnant?

29th October 2005
The earliest sign of pregnancy in a Shih Tzu is often behavioral changes. She may demand extra attention or she may become depressed, lethargic and withdrawn. In these cases, try to give her as much emotional support as possible to help her retain the pre... Read >
Author: Connie Limon
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