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The Right Adidas Shoes for You

16th June 2011
Adidas brings forth a revolution in sports wear and offers you a chance to welcome health back into your life. Electronics have made our lives so simple. While these electronics are welcome, they have taken away the element of exercise from our lives.... Read >
Author: Levy

This combo pack of Reebok is truly designed for smart guys

25th February 2011
Whilst an unstable base might sound uncomfortable, Reebok have worked hard on the design to make it one of the most comfortable shoes they have ever produced. Inside the Reebok zigtech shoes, a seamless lining is ultra smooth on the feet, and removes all ... Read >
Author: edhards

Diverse Types of Shoes

07th February 2011
Footwear are an crucial element of the footwear. Typically, folks use them while they taking part in, running or strolling. They reflect the alternative, persona and mood of individuals. You get distinct varieties of footwear for distinct purposes. Howeve... Read >
Author: joanne

Diadora Borg Elite Gold Trainers

26th November 2010
In the 1970s the fashion scene within the UK was awash with sportswear brands and Diadora was one of those who began to combine leather with all new high performance materials, producing incredible looking trainers that combined with durability and qualit... Read >
Author: Darren

Nike Air and Their Features

22nd September 2010
When it comes to men's shoes there are few that you could buy that would be better than Nike. It doesn't matter what there purpose is, whether you just need them to go with a pair of jeans or you need them for a particular sport, Nike makes a tennis shoe ... Read >
Author: Beck Beck

Diadora Borg Elite - A detailed History

22nd September 2010
Diadora has a long history of quality footwear. The Veneto region in Italy became the centre of quality italian footwear due to it's unique location on the Italy and Austrian border and it's ability to provide footwear to the military. In 1948, Marcell... Read >
Author: James Cooper

How to Select Running Shoes Or Tennis Shoes For Your Foot Type

08th February 2010
There are many different types of shoes and sometimes it can be difficult to select the best pair for you. There are three basic types of feet and you can find the best running shoe, tennis shoe, or skate shoe for your foot type. You can find the best typ... Read >
Author: Allen Jiang

The Brief History of New Balance Athletic Shoes

08th February 2010
New Balance is an American footwear company and the head company locates in Boston, Massachusetts. It started as the name of New Balance Arch Support Company and sold arch supports and other shoe accessories exclusively. As the specialized shoe design, Ne... Read >
Author: Wendy

Top Brands Of Tennis Shoes

09th March 2009
With the growing popularity of tennis, many sports equipment manufacturers have entered into the shoes market with innovative styles of tennis shoes. Tennis is a highly strenuous sport. Hence a good pair of tennis shoes is a must for quality performance f... Read >
Author: Roberto Sedycias

Adidas Originals

11th September 2008
Adidas Originals as a brand stands for uniqueness, creativity and self-expression, which are reflected in their collection. Adidas is one of the best brands in sports heritage, street & casual clothing. Our adidas originals collection consists of: Adid... Read >
Author: Kaushik Mukherjee

The History of Trainers Part One

19th July 2006
In the first of our four part series looking at the world history of trainers, we look at the period from 1917 to 1972. This period includes a selection of some of the first trainers produced including the Stan Smith from Adidas and the Pro-Keds Royal Plu... Read >
Author: trainer shack
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