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Antique Engagement Rings- Remain in Style, Elegance and Charm

30th January 2012
The history of giving and receiving engagement rings goes as far back as 2,500 BC in ancient Egypt and is a tradition that has continued to hold so much romance and love over all these years. Typically worn on the “ring finger” i.e. the 4th finger of t... Read >
Author: Kalmar Antiques

Hip Invicta Watches for Men and Women who Appreciate Quality Craftsmanship

04th May 2011
The word invicta is actually Latin for the word "invincible, " which is a good way to describe the watch company since its founding in 1837 in Switzerland. Over the years, the company has regrouped and retooled so it can continue to bring its customers qu... Read >
Author: Eric Bauer

From rough to ready - diamond cutting centers across the world

14th August 2008
Diamonds that one sees in the jewelry does not come in that form from nature itself. It has to go through a very labourous and tedious process of planning, cutting and polishing before it reaches the ultimate consumers. These places where a diamond takes ... Read >
Author: Jewelry Professional

Murrays Diamond Stars Of eBay - The first official list

07th September 2006
This is the second of a series of eight articles on the process of buying diamond jewelry online. In this article two of the key questions posed in the first article will be addressed: Should I buy online? And should I consider online auctions? L... Read >
Author: Murray Nickel
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