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Forex Platforms Trading - The Strategy Of Zero Loss Forex Trading

08th December 2010
This post will irritate many and probably most traders and I say good. Certainly I don't give a damn if any of you read this page . And it is secondary to me that most traders are stupid or at best, blind sheep in the herd. It's secondary to me that I ... Read >
Author: PhilsomeBeckstit

Options Trading Strategies - Wrong Use of Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility Crossovers

08th November 2010
Don't assume all volatilities are constructed equal. It is critical to differentiate between Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility, so retail traders teach me to trade options dedicated to what is material to theoretically price option spreads forw... Read >
Author: Anton Romero

The Indian trading community in 19th century Mauritius

01st November 2007
THE ASSERTION THAT THE INDIAN TRADING COMMUNITY PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN SHAPING THE COLONY'S FORTUNES DURING THE 19TH CENTURY. To be able to have a broad view of the Indian Trading Community and the role played by them in the colony's fortune some qu... Read >
Author: N.Dauhoo
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