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08th March 2011
Q1: What is Indian Money Market? Explain its functions. Ans: INDIAN MONEY MARKET. *INTRODUCTION: ~ The money market is a market for lending and borrowing of short-term funds. ~ Money market deals in funds and financial instrument having a maturity per... Read >
Author: thisishiral

What are the various instruments of RBIís monetary policy

06th March 2011
Instruments of RBIís Monetary Policy *INTRODUCTION ~The Reserve Bank Of India is the apex bank of the country. ~It plays an instrumental role on the financial markets of the country through its monetary policy. ~There are various instruments of RBIís ... Read >
Author: thisishiral

Explain the monetary policy of RBI

06th March 2011
~ The Reserve Bank Of India Is the Central Bank of country. ~It supervises and control the banking and monetary structure of the country. ~Thus RBI plays an instrumental role on the financial markets of the country. The influence on the financial market... Read >
Author: thisishiral

Explain the functions of the central bank of India?

04th March 2011
Article: Functions of Reserve Bank Of India *Introduction ~ The Reserve Bank Of India Act, 1934 gave rise to the establishment of the Reserve Bank Of India on April 1, 1935 ~ It was nationalised in 1949 when it became the central bank of India. ~ It ... Read >
Author: thisishiral

FDI Industrial Project Reports in India

22nd November 2010
FDI Project Management and Services, is the single point resource of expertise to take care of all your project desires and to also equip you aided by the latest concept in your line of exercise. Right from the conceptual stage of forming a project idea t... Read >
Author: Naveen Kapur

Merchant Banking Services In India‚Äď An Understanding

24th August 2010
Merchant banking services strengthen the economic development of a country as they acts as sources of funds and information for corporations. Considering the way the Indian economy is growing, the role of merchant banking services in India is indispensabl... Read >
Author: Anamika

All about NRI Banking Services

28th June 2010
Living abroad no longer means staying away from your loved ones back home. With NRI Banking Services on a rise, keeping in touch with your family in India is easy, convenient and quick. Many Indians living in foreign countries like US, UK, Canada, etc. be... Read >
Author: MichaelK

NRI loan interest rate - Purpose is the king

07th July 2008
Summary: NRI loan interest rate depends heavily on the purpose of borrowing. When the purpose is to invest in share or commercial immovable property market, the payable interest rate is higher. Any loan borrowed by the NRI to be invested at an employment ... Read >
Author: addi
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