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IEEE Spectrum :: Quantum Dots Enhance LED Lighting

14th May 2010
Exerpted from http://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/optoelectronics/quantum-dots-enhance-led-lighting/0 BY Neil Savage // December 2009 9 December 2009-The next big thing in solid-state lighting may be exceedingly tiny-the quantum dot. Researchers ... Read >
Author: ldiaz

Optical Brightening And Fluorescent Whitening Agents

01st April 2010
Optical Brighteners: Also known as optical agents, optical brighteners are the dyes that possess the attribute of absorbing the violet and ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which results in the prominent re-emission of light in the blue ... Read >
Author: valblanc chemie

12 Volt Samsung Lcd Televisions

19th February 2009
Samsung Ln40A450 Lcd Tv Review Older LCD screens used compact fluorescent backlights; modern screens use arrays of LED lights lined up precisely with the screen. In these modern times people want to increase their living standards. With so many makes a... Read >
Author: Lori

How Do Plasma Televisions Work?

28th July 2005
Plasma TVs have been one of the most popular home entertainment solutions on the market for several years. They offer outstanding resolution and a quality picture and are usually capable of displaying HDTV signals, allowing you to watch all of your favour... Read >
Author: Jeff Lakie
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