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Working With Grid System for Print Design

21st July 2010
In this short article, I will share with you some ideas and advice about working with grid systems. Grid systems can seem complex if you are new them. In addition, some designers imagine that using grids will limit their creativity. But the truth is that ... Read >
Author: DesignersBookshop

Enjoy the Freedom of Space With a G-Shaped Kitchen

05th January 2010
Nowadays the markets are flooded with different layouts as it is a good concept to install a new kitchen layout or to improve your existing kitchen layout. It is not hard and fast that you buy a new layout always but you can also improve the layout that y... Read >
Author: Jennie

Guide to HO Scale Model Railroad Trains 4 x 8 Foot Benchwork

24th November 2009
Building bench-work for the first time for your model railroad is an exciting moment! To create a good first layout for HO scale model trains, a great way to start is with a basic plan for 4 x 8 foot bench-work. You are essentially building a table from a... Read >
Author: Joe Kanooga

Brighten Up That Cold Cubicle Or Work Station

16th November 2009
Getting off on the right foot matters a lot when you are redesigning your office. An all-embracing design will assist you with all aspects of your office redo for optimum space utilization. Apart from this you also need to be sure to strike the correct st... Read >
Author: Nick Messe

Dobro Tunings - Tuning A Dobro For Maximum Musical Depth

13th December 2008
The resonator guitar, or Dobro, like the electric guitar, is the result of early pioneers of the guitar looking for some way to make their instrument heard above the other instruments in a band. Using metal resonators did not catch on as amplification but... Read >
Author: Ricky Sharples
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