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Car Companies That Went Belly Up

18th November 2009
With the economy the way it is, it was no surprise that Chrysler announced that they would be going into bankruptcy, also the discontinuation of the Pontiac line, and the imminent demise of GM's Saturn. So I was thinking let's take a look back at some oth... Read >
Author: Frank Bilotta

Custom pinstripes started appearing on automobiles.

03rd November 2009
Did you know pinstriping has a long history? Even before the invention of automobiles, pinstriping was used as an ornamental decoration for horse and buggy carriages. Custom pinstripes started appearing on automobiles in the mid-1950s. Although pinstr... Read >
Author: MANISH

Buy Him A Zippo Lighter…Or Else! 5 Great Gift Ideas For Men You Don’t Want To Miss!

12th August 2009
We have all been there, struggling for gift ideas for dad, bother or son. Guys can be difficult to buy presents for, I admit that. What do you get the sports father who has all the team gear already? Or what do you get your brother who loves the Beatles b... Read >
Author: Zippo Lighter Fanatic
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