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Shopping Guide For Swarovski Jewelry And Collectibles

02nd February 2010
Swarovski is essentially a luxury brand that creates precision-cut jewelries, figurines, and glasses. Swarovski Ag was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 and till date the company follows its rich tradition of unmatched swarovski pendants ,souvenirs and ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Coca-Cola: The Power of a Brand

05th March 2006
There are few images as recognizable throughout the world as the Coca-Cola brand. Travel to the furthest reaches of the globe and you will probably encounter it on a clock or a sign, if not on the drink itself. Marketers today look to the Coca-Cola brand ... Read >
Author: Patrick Altoft

Why Classic Styles Offer the Best Clothing Value

17th August 2005
Why Classic Styles Offer the Best Clothing Value "I want to look good without spending a lot of money. What's the best way to use my clothing budget?" This question - or variations thereof - regularly hits my inbox from readers all over the wo... Read >
Author: Diana Pemberton-Sikes
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