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I Love a Parade

31st October 2014
If there is one event that still brings joy to folks young and old its a parade. We have them for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and the countless summer festivals, of course who can leave out the Thanksgiving Day parades and the arrival of old ... Read >
Author: clownsupplies

Choosing a Leotard A Few Things to Consider

17th January 2012
The dance leotard is synonymous with ballet, tap and many different styles of dance. However, choosing a leotard can be fairly confusing with such a wide variety available. In this article we will look at different factors which you can think about when c... Read >
Author: Ian Evans

Know about Angers in France

07th July 2010
Angers is a city on the north-western part of France about 300 south-west of Paris. The history of the city can be traced even during the time of Romans. It is located on both banks of river Maine, which is spanned by six bridges. As the district is situa... Read >
Author: Lucash Ashton

Becoming A Professional Dancer

17th August 2008
Is dancing something that you love doing? Do you love going to dance classes or just dancing in general and wonder how you could do it for a living? Well it's certainly possible. There are many ways you can become a professional dancer. The routes vary... Read >
Author: Gel Man
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