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Steps to Saving Energy with Air Conditioning

20th July 2012
Though it may seem the total opposite of an energy-saving device, especially during the sweltering summer months, air conditioners can actually save you lots of energy at homewhile keeping you cool during the summer months. Given how extreme the temper... Read >
Author: Jane Anne Arthur

Facts You Probably Didnít Know about Indoor climate

02nd March 2011
While some people may not be conscious of it, proper control and maintenance of indoor climate is essential for you to be comfortable indoors. If you leave indoor climate unattended, you would either feel too cold or too hot in your own home. Without prop... Read >
Author: Outrider

The Projection Alarm Clock

06th August 2010
The Projection Alarm Clock Clocks have come a long way since the invention of the first mechanical alarm clock, which featured a ringing bell. Clocks started mostly as mechanical artifacts, with cogs, wheels and levers moving in tandem to tell the ti... Read >
Author: john
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