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Mudra for Regularising the Menstruation

04th February 2011
Mudra for Regularising the Menstruation To form this mudra as shown in figure cross the fingers of both hand in such a way that the tips of both thumb should touch each other. Fore-finger of right hand should be pressed between the fore finger and middl... Read >
Author: mudrasyoga

Geezer Sensei is dead! Akatsuki is weakened

20th January 2011
This makes a rather powerful Summoning Jutsu. To guard men and women Lady Tsunade sends Summoning Justu. Is Naruto gonna find the power to forgive, or is he gonna avenge all inside the the village? Nagato continues to tell his story of loosing his mothers... Read >
Author: Mark14 Monobo6

Sri Selvam Siddhar's services of Science of evil - Dr Commander Selvam

09th July 2009
The spine or the human energy field contains Chakra, or energy centers, that vibrate at different frequencies. Each Chakra presents us with the opportunity to establish a root relationship and to satisfy the deep soul desire. Each frequency holds the gift... Read >
Author: siddhar
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