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Air Traffic Control Services in Ireland

05th October 2011
Air Traffic Services Air Traffic Services to General Aviation (GA) traffic are provided by the Irish Aviation Authority The different types of Air Traffic Services available in Ireland are as follows: Air Traffic Control Service (ATC) Flight Inf... Read >
Author: John Toal

Air Traffic Controller Interview Questions And Answers

11th March 2011
Licensed air traffic controllers will find that the interview process is not terribly gruelling, nor will it be as lengthy as the process required for those enrolling with a company like NATS. However, there will be some very specific things that an inter... Read >
Author: Richard

Cessna 172 Flight Simulator - 10 Unique Flight Simulations Could Help You Into a Better Pilot

01st June 2010
Piloting a Cessna 172 airplane is undoubtedly a fun experience. Yet if life were to hold you back from from climbing into the cockpit of a real airplane, then there happen to be many ways you could benefit from operating a Cessna 172 flight simulator inst... Read >
Author: Jacques Pontiere
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