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New IntelliLink for GMC Vehicles

21st February 2012
The 2012 GMC Terrain has always come standard with the Color Touch Radio technology that GMC customers love. But now GMC is throwing in a new great technology as an optional feature to go with the Color Touch Radio and that is the IntelliLink system! The ... Read >
Author: jmharmon

Polyurea | Polyurethane | Spraycoatings | Protective coatings

18th February 2011
Polyurea spray coating Polyurea Polyurea is a coating, lining and joint sealant technology. It is being used successfully for any different applications today. Polyurea coatings and linings are more commonly applied over concrete and steel for corrosi... Read >
Author: polyurethane

A Look at the Pros and Cons of Bluetooth

03rd December 2009
While using the Bluetooth feature, you can run through a lot of advantages to and at the same time and run to a lot of disadvantages also. With about every great technology, there has to be something in there that makes it not perfect. There's probably no... Read >
Author: Jeremiah Slivka

What Is 3G And How Does It Work?

04th March 2009
Many people have asked me over the last 12 months, "What is 3G?" So I've decided to write an article on how this great technology works and how it can benefit the users of it!Telecommunications and electronics manufacturing giants made the news as they ba... Read >
Author: Mobile Phone Secrets

History of Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

01st September 2008
Around the 1950's scientists and engineers from the US Army discovered the first viable method for showing the faintest of light, know as electromagnetic radiation, that was not within the visible spectrum for the human eye. With this discovery began the ... Read >
Author: Brendan
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