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How To Buy Genuine Amber Jewelry Online?

14th September 2011
Summary Buying amber jewelry online can prove to be a herculean task if you are not aware of the process. Here are some tips that can help you buy the right pieces from a credible store. Article Body If the very mention of buying jewelry can get ... Read >
Author: Jane Miller

Some Slovenian natural spas

25th November 2010
There are numerous natural spas throughout Slovenia. The regionís tectonic activity and therefore the hot springs are not the most famous things about it, but they exist and are even advertised as being attractions in the country. Among more than 15 Slove... Read >
Author: Wilford Santos

10 Interesting Facts about Tel Aviv, Israel

05th January 2010
The second largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv is situated along the Mediterranean coast. The history behind this rich metropolis is astounding. Originally known as Jaffa, the city dates back to 1470 BC, where an Egyptian pharaoh mentioned it in letters he w... Read >
Author: Tom Harel

List of Ethnic Groups in the Philippines

13th September 2009
The presence of ethnic groups in the Philippines began during the prehistoric age. The outcome of such is the fact that the Philippines has been composed of different kinds of ethnic groups since then. In the Philippines, there is not just a list of ethni... Read >
Author: Robert Bell
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