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The Basic Inner Workings Of Computer Hardware Explained.

21st March 2012
Computer Hardware is the term for the collaboration of components which make up a computer, which are known as its hardware. This collection of components is usually fixed in a housing and loaded with system software, which includes a piece of code interf... Read >
Author: Office Nerd

Linux VPN Server

03rd March 2011
There are lots of different LINUX VPN server packages available on the Internet today. At first glance this might actually sound like a good thing. With a lot of different software packages to pick from, one might think that it makes setting up your own V... Read >
Author: Creztor Tessel

Import/Convert mod, moi file to Adobe Premiere pro

03rd February 2011
The article mainly talks about how to manage .mod file ( recorded from JVC Everio, Panasonic and Canon HDD camera), for example, how to playback mod; how to convert mod to best format without quality loss and how to import/convert mod, moi file to Adobe P... Read >
Author: changjiangchang

How do I convert/re-encode/demux mpg/mpeg-1, 2, 4 file to mov quicktime?

14th July 2010
The MPEG, short for Moving Picture Experts Group (including mpeg-1, mpeg-2, and mpeg-4), which contains compressed audio and video information was designed specifically to store sound and motion-video data on standard audio Compact Discs (CD) and Digital ... Read >
Author: anranyu2613
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