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Vanilla Slice Recipes

21st September 2011
If you’re looking for a sweet treat, there isn’t anything better than a Vanilla Slice (also called snot block). This simple snack is a traditional Australian favorite and consists of a sandwich like crusty pastry that’s filled in the middle with sweet and... Read >
Author: Troy

Best Receipes for Vanilla slice

09th June 2011
I always prefer making a dish, which takes the minimum cooking time. One such dish I relish is ‘Easy Vanilla Slice’. The speciality of Vanilla Slice is that only a few ingredients are required and takes five minutes to prepare. Isn’t this amazing? It serv... Read >
Author: Samantha Dale

The Best Ingredients For Face Creams Are Natural Ones

20th July 2009
Most face creams contain synthetic chemicals and oils derived from petroleum. Only all natural face cream contains oils that are similar to the skin's own. They are easily absorbed and can replace the oils that are stripped away during a shower.We shower ... Read >
Author: Yu Morita


29th May 2009
PURSE THOSE LIPS - LIP GLOSSES GIVE YOU BAGS FULL OF GLOSSY GLAMOUR Find Me A Gift are giving their lips a stylish service with this 'absolutely fabulous' range of cosmetic clutches - Purse Those Lips Lip Gloss! With the weather chopping and changing, i... Read >
Author: sarah hague
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