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Top one hundred Salsa Dance Songs - A Dancer's Perspective (Portion I)

27th June 2011
The feet commence transferring... and no make a difference how mindful of folks staring at you, that you are, you just can't aid but transfer your ft (and get misplaced in that rhythm!).Then, there are those DJs that don't comprehend the audio or the word... Read >
Author: bret goodwin

Kingdoms Of Camelot - Buildings Information Guide

18th February 2011
There are 16 Available Buildings to Build/Level Up within your city in Kingdoms Of Camelot. They are as follows (in alphabetical order): *Alchemy Lab *Barracks *Blacksmith *Castle *Cottage *Embassy *Knights Hall *Market *Rall... Read >
Author: amcg

Music Theory Part 1; How Scales are Formed

20th June 2010
Right so you want to learn the formulas of how scales are formed? Scales are all based on distance. The way we measure distance in music is by half and hole steps. By applying certain formulas we can generate scales by starting with just one note. In t... Read >
Author: George Halison

Number Plates Of Northern Ireland And Their Location I.D. Tags.

29th August 2009
Northern Irish registrations are issued by the D.V.L.N.I. (Driver Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland) and are Dateless Plates as they do not contain a year identifier number. Combinations of letters are allocated to specific areas in Northern Ireland, and... Read >
Author: UP51ART

For ESL Teachers - Teaching the Alphabet Effectively to Adult ESL Students

20th July 2009
Teaching practices for ESL studentsMany ESL students had limited educations and, even in their local languages, have limited literacy talents. For many [**] the tenet of alphabetical order is not known. Even though alphabetical order is a basic organizing... Read >
Author: Carlton Compton

The Seven Best Singing Performances By Paul McCartney

09th March 2009
I've always been amazed at Paul McCartney's ability to sing in a large variety of different styles from "dirty" voice of "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" to the soft & sweet voice of "I Will." I love using those two examples as they are right after each o... Read >
Author: Marvin J. Markus

The Importance of Writing a Bibliography

14th October 2008
Though many find that writing a bibliography is a completely boring and useless task, it is actually extremely imperative and possibly the single most important part of your paper. One must write a bibliography so that he or she cannot be accused of plagi... Read >
Author: garret

The best online place for album art

17th May 2007
You download music from the Internet and decide you want to burn it and put in your music collection, but you do not have the covers. There are websites that offer you free album art. You can find these sites easily, but it is more important to find the b... Read >
Author: Clint Jhonson
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