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Benefits of Karate for Kids : Improve Self Defence Techniques

16th April 2010
Before to join in Karate Classes, first you should know the history of karate and its importance... Karate is often associated with Japanese martial arts, its true origin dwells in Okinawa combat techniques and Southern Chinese martial arts. It is basi... Read >
Author: Caroline Manly

6 Self Defensive Pressure Points

08th February 2010
In a real self defence situation in the street we probably don't have enough time to pull out that can of mace, or maybe we left it at home that day. In a fight situation where you have only your hands to protect you it's vital that you know how to use th... Read >
Author: Imran Ali

Phazzer: The Best Stun Gun, Self Defense Choice: 8 Reasons To Buy A Phazzer Stun Gun

29th May 2009
Have you ever had the uneasy experience of walking in the street or to your car late at night, all the time worrying that someone was watching - or following - you? In moments like that, wouldn't it be comforting to know that you had a self defence device... Read >
Author: John Michael

Four reasons to study Krav Maga

06th February 2008
Self defence and combat skills Krav Maga offers the practitioner the ability to cope both with situations where an attack comes with little or no warning and also with situations where the attacker(s) intent is obvious from the outset. As a system if f... Read >
Author: kior

How to defend against a gun!

24th July 2007
The most life threatening threat of all is a firearm threat. A lot of people teach you that you have no chance of surviving against a firearm, which is totally incorrect information. If you are about to die you will do whatever it takes to try and defend ... Read >
Author: Glenn Zwiers
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