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Unlock Your iPhone 4 Cellphone

01st November 2012
The Apple iPhone 4 was launched in June 2010. Like all of the iPhones, the design of the iPhone 4 is very beautiful, constructed from two sheets of glass and a stainless steel band that wraps around the top, sides, and also bottom of the cell phone, whlil... Read >
Author: Erasmo Shoemake


28th June 2011
At present, this good telephone is offered in 1 shade only that is black. However, individuals are still paying for it because of to numerous reasons, like very best functions, top quality, engineering and two critical names Samsung and Giorgio Armani.In ... Read >
Author: John Stone

Newest Miphone A3 Android OS WCDMA(3G) Smartphone with Wifi and Internal GPS

11th January 2011
Although there are many brand 3G phones, there are few cheap China phones with 3G network. To grasp this good commercial opportunity, umibuy.com launched a brand new Android OS WCDMA smart phone Miphone A3 to win the market. This newest 3G phone comes ... Read >
Author: umibuy

An Introduction to 3G Technology

01st December 2010
3G services for mobile devices have been introduced by various handset creators and cellular carriers. The companies, however, are not very good at explaining the exact details, except for a given few. There seems to be a missing link between the current ... Read >
Author: john

Compare and Contrast iphone and ipod touch

26th February 2010
Have you ever wondered what the difference between an iPhone and iPod touch is? At glance they look alike for a simple person. The difference between them is that one is a phone and the other one is a player. The iPhone as the name suggest is a phone, whe... Read >
Author: Dawin

The Best Motorola RAZR V3 Model

08th August 2009
One of the most popular model of Motorola cellular phones for sale today across the world is Motorola RAZR V3. Although it was launched in 2004 and ended its production in 2007, many are still looking to buy these brand of Motorola phone. But what is the ... Read >
Author: Archie Lopez
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