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Abstract Art In Form of Free Imaginazation

16th July 2012
If you hear the name of Vincent van Gogh, you may think of his eminent painting. For borned in late 19th century painters, there is something in common that their painting stand for an abstract art. Abstract artists relied on complex geometrical shapes ... Read >
Author: nicolehao

How To Train To Be A Librarian

30th March 2010
Library Science and Information Management is a growing field that needs enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to preserving and protecting data in all its forms. You may not think of a High School Librarian's job as a highly specialized, challenging c... Read >
Author: Jay Jenkin

Absinthe and its legal status in the USA

25th March 2009
You may have heard of absinthe as the drink of famous artists like Vincent van Gogh, or as the drink once outlawed in the United States. While the drink still remains famous, the legal status of it being sold in the United States has changed. As of Octobe... Read >
Author: Robert Bell
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