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Take Off your Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy

20th September 2012
The fear of flying is a common phobia. There are different root causes of this phobia in people. Some individuals do not like losing control, others fear the plane will not make the destination, and sometimes it is about being confined in a tight space. U... Read >
Author: CYV Industries

Develop a Magician Persona

02nd November 2009
So you've learned a few tricks and now you're ready to begin performing a small magic show. Good for you! Well, before you begin you need to develop a magician persona. You need to have a way that you want to always act on stage. Before you ever step f... Read >
Author: Mental1922

Should You Be Friends With Your Ex Girlfriend?

13th August 2009
So your girlfriend utters those three magic words no guy wants to hear... "let's be friends". In theory, it's not such a bad idea is it? You get to still hang out with her, talk with her, play email tag... it's a way of being around your girlfriend even a... Read >
Author: Anthony Malibu
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