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The Pros and Cons of Today's Mortgage Rates

31st October 2012
So far, 2012's mortgage rates have been unpredictable. Oh sure, we knew they were going to be low -- and stay low until there is massive improvement in the housing industry. However, trying to keep track of mortgage rates on a weekly basis is almost lik... Read >
Author: DanielTorelli

Are There Any Other Options Besides Refinancing?

16th February 2010
The simple answer is yes, and it's called loan modification. Loan modification is meant for struggling homeowners who do not qualify for refinancing. There are minor and significant differences between refinancing and loan modification. First, a mortgage ... Read >
Author: Pit

Best Remortgage Deal

22nd October 2007
Those seeking to get the best re mortgage deal will be pleased to learn that they have many different options all suited to individual needs. Now, more than ever before, those seeking to remortgage their property have a wide array of choices.To determine ... Read >
Author: Steve Wheeler
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