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Where do the Bridal Party Stand at a Wedding?

06th March 2012
Where do the Bridal party Stand at a wedding ceremony? It is customary for the bride to stand to the left at the altar, though you may not be so keen on the reasons why. The tradition actually stems from the old days of "marriage by capture", when the ... Read >
Author: Mark Anderson

How wedding ceremonies happen in India: Roman Catholic Christians

15th November 2011
In India predominantly the marriages are arranged by parents. In the western countries it is significantly different where the bride and groom become friends and know each other and commit to marriage. Online matrimonial websites are prevalent in helping ... Read >
Author: arathyMS

Wedding Music For Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

03rd March 2011
One of the question I get all the time about wedding music is "Do I need music for my beach wedding ceremony?" And the answer may surprise you as it varies based on personal preference. As some persons feel that wedding music at a beach wedding ceremony... Read >
Author: Glenn Ferguson

Peruvian Music History from the Baroque to the present

17th January 2009
While the music in Peru and America appears from the existence of the first inhabitants of the region, this section is devoted to the music 'West' of Peru, which began with the European invasion. If you want to know something of the music before the arriv... Read >
Author: Freshoutsourcing
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