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windows 7 black screen error - you can stop this right away

19th May 2011
Got the infamous windows 7 black screen error whenever you start windows 7? Fortunately, you will find several easy methods to fix this issue which you'll do even when you are a beginner, here's how.1) Restart In Safe ModePowering up your computer in this... Read >
Author: Byron Rivers

Bad Pool Header: The Blue Screen Error

15th April 2011
The Bad Pool Header is a type of blue screen error that occurs on Windows Operating System. It happens when Windows fails to allocate memory and detects some serious problems and malfunction. The Bad Pool Header error is basically Operating System error t... Read >
Author: Chris C Drucker

Want to Do a PS3 Red Screen Fix?

04th February 2011
Did you know that there are thousands of PS3 users who experience red screen error with their game consoles? If you are a gamer, you could have experienced it, too. If you need to do a PS3 red screen fix on your own then youve come to the right place! ... Read >
Author: Nazima Golamaully

Steps to Fix the 0xc0000142 "Application Failed to Initialize" Error

07th July 2010
The 0xc0000142 error is caused by a series of corrupt or damaged system files on your computer that are preventing a program from being able to read or load the files it needs to run. This error typically shows with the cmd.exe (Command Prompt) program ... Read >
Author: Ianchan1985

Fixing The Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen Stop Error

18th February 2010
Perhaps one of the most irritating problems that can occur on a Windows OS is the Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen error message. A computer might experience this problem after a piece of software has been updated or installed. The cause for this is us... Read >
Author: Phil Tsang

Resolving Windows 7 'Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area' Error

15th January 2010
Blue Screen of Deaths (BSODs) are common events in Windows operating systems and Windows 7 is not an exception. Such instances usually lead to data inaccessibility and ask for Windows Data Recovery help. Windows BSODs primarily occur due to errors in me... Read >
Author: Tom Patrick

How to Resolve Unknown Operating System Error in Windows

21st December 2009
Windows Vista boot sequence first involves loading the MBR, followed by the drive boot sector . The boot sector then accesses the Windows Boot Manager to finally load the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store and complete loading the operating system. If ... Read >
Author: k madhav

Xbox 360 Green Screen - How To Fix Xbox 360 Green Screen Of Death

25th August 2009
Got the Xbox 360 green screen of death problem? Want this problem to be fixed? This problem can be pretty hard to fix, and exactly for that reason, many people will tell you to send your troubleshooting console over to Microsoft and pay $150. But is this ... Read >
Author: Ricky Tanasa

Xbox 360 Black Screen – Fix Xbox 360 Black Screen Of Death

25th August 2009
Got the Xbox 360 black screen error and you want this problem to be fixed? You've basically got 2 ways to get a problem like this fixed. You either call Microsoft, and ask nicely if they are willing to fix your console, or you will actually fix the troubl... Read >
Author: Ricky Tanasa

Xbox 360 Blue Screen Fix

18th August 2009
Got a blue screen on your Xbox 360 when you want to watch a movie or when you want to play a game? This error is hard to fix, and because of that, many people will tell you to send your console over to Microsoft. But did you know that this is a costly met... Read >
Author: stephan vrugteman

Playstation 3 Black Screen Fix

12th August 2009
Got the Playstation 3 black screen error? Want it to be fixed? This problem is quite hard to fix, and that's why many people would say that you should send it over to Sony and pay $150, and let them repair it. But is this really your only option? Sure, it... Read >
Author: Stephan Vrugteman

Resolving Stop: 0×000000F4 Error Message in Windows XP Operating System

23rd April 2009
A STOP error can occur because of reasons like operating system file corruption, hardware incompatibility, file system issues, malicious software like virus or spyware etc. It is also known as a Blue Screen error. It may be encountered during Windows boot... Read >
Author: Andrew Juan

Vista Blue Screen of Death & How To Fix It

14th July 2008
The blue screen of death is a microsoft windows error that affects Vista, Windows XP and other versions of Windows. Often, this is due to software conflicts within the windows registry. Software conflicts can be due to video driverrs not updated, or a sof... Read >
Author: Sherman C

Blue Screen of Windows XP and Data Recovery

15th February 2008
Have you ever faced the blue screen error popped up? Blue screen is an error screen displayed by Microsoft Windows XP after encountering a critical system error. In this situation, the computer screen freezes and only way to get pass this screen is to res... Read >
Author: Mark Robin
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