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Types of Diesel Engines in Cars

11th July 2009
Diesel engines are the favourite of Indian car manufacturers on cars ranging from small cars to ultra luxury cars. Off late diesel engine has shed the 'dirty' term attracted. It is now one of the cleanest fuel technologies which offer great care to engine... Read >
Author: Carazoo

A glimpse on the history of hair straightener

31st March 2009
The different hair straightener that is available in the market today has a different and interesting history behind. The evolution of this hair straightening devices over the years from the heating irons to the present day straighteners is highly interes... Read >
Author: stephen hall

Keeping Cool: A Brief History of Air Conditioners

27th March 2008
Though you might think of air conditioning as a modern invention, the concept of cooling the interior of a building actually goes back to early civilisations. In 2nd century China, the inventor Ding Huan of the Han Dynasty came up with the idea of a man... Read >
Author: mpressman
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