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5 Top Reasons Why Relationships Break Up

02nd February 2009
There are five top reasons as to why relationships break up and although there are a thousand and one reasons why you may have lost a loved one, the chances are that it will fall into one of these main categories. 1. Infidelity - A lot more than just love... Read >
Author: Selena Bluefield

How to Win Your Husband Back From the Other Woman

16th January 2009
How to Win Your Husband Back From the Other Woman I know you need urgent help. Your husband left you for another woman, maybe older and uglier than you. You are still shocked and devastated about what you might have done wrong. Now you want to ... Read >
Author: kanetohman

Parenting Your Kids with Love and Affection

06th January 2009
Parenting is an onerous responsibility and there are no shortcuts to good parenthood. We all know that smile is contagious and when a child smiles, the beauty and shine of the whole universe sparkles in his eyes. This moment of utter bliss gives the paren... Read >
Author: contentwriters10

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend and Asking Yourself If You Are Lovable

01st December 2008
You're probably reading this article looking for cute names to call your girlfriend (or boyfriend), but I have a more important question for you, are you lovable? As I've written many times before you have to WIN someone's love. I repeat, love is never gi... Read >
Author: Veroncia Redd

Greatest Love Quotes Of All Times

27th November 2008
Love quotes are expressions or words said concerning love that enable people view love in a different perspective. Love is life and we cannot live without it. For this reason, so much has been said and continues to be said about love. We take some of the ... Read >
Author: Francis K Githinji

The #1 Simple And Easy Way To Get A Loving Response From Your Wife Today…

27th October 2008
Husband, when was the last time your wife expressed from her "heart" how much she loved you and how much she was attracted to you? How long has it been since the loving emotions inside your wife overwhelmed her such that she couldn't help but let you k... Read >
Author: Calle Zorro

What to do with a man who has commitment phobia

15th September 2006
There are some men who make women feel very lovable and desirable. They lavish love and gifts on them, and make them feel very special. But when it comes to marriage, they back out. They have a great fear of getting tied to a single woman for life. They r... Read >
Author: Cucan Pemo

Shih Tzu - Train Your Shih Tzu To Respect You As The Pack Leader

16th November 2005
The basis of training any shih tzu is winning its trust, confidence and respect. True training cannot begin until the shih tzu has accepted you as its leader, respects you and entrusted you with his or her confidence. The mistake many shih tzu puppy ow... Read >
Author: Connie Limon
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