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Pretty Green

27th January 2010
2009 was a great year for men's designer clothing, seeing in the debut release of several fresh and exciting collections. New brands were released all across the sector, but there were two that really stood out strongly amongst their competitors. And so, ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Basic Polo Shirts a perfect formal wear

29th December 2009
Recently the corporate world is seen easing their dress codes for employees as they are given the liberty of wearing basic polo shirts as an alternative to formal wear. Polo shirts are very popular among men for its stylish yet formal look and the comfort... Read >
Author: kinal

The Voi Jeans Fashion Philosophy

07th December 2009
The Voi philosophy of fashion clothing was initiated in 1988. Since then the brand has established itself as a leader in producing cutting edge fashion products and the use of revolutionary wash techniques for its jeans. At the same time it is renowned fo... Read >
Author: Deven Jerry

Duck And Cover-An Innovative Brand Name For Innovative Products

07th December 2009
Duck and Cover is a designer label with a name as innovative as its range of clothing. The collection of clothing developed by this designer label is ideal for the modern masses looking for stylish yet fully functional clothing for different purposes. ... Read >
Author: Deven Jerry

School Uniforms - Brings Unity in Diversity among Children

04th December 2009
When one of the best online stores for purchasing well fitted school uniforms for you kids have been available , searching should not be done anymore. Each student who has been going to school would be having a turn into part and parcel by the School unif... Read >
Author: steveh

Most Effective Freeby used by Promoters

10th March 2009
Being one of the most efficient giveaways used by marketers, custom attire serves as a multi-functional promotional tool as it cuts across industries. Commonly used for company activities such as trade displays, conferences and fund raising events, cust... Read >
Author: Eva Fonda

Embroidery business in London is the most up bringing business

23rd February 2009
Embroidery is one of the unique styles of sewing, which is on demand even today also. In embroidery you can see the use of different types of needles, and various colors of thread. However embroidery is not only limited to thread; but also includes stitch... Read >
Author: Andrew Harris

Totally discounted : Designers Clothing at discounted prices

20th January 2009
You can purchase all the latest Abercrombie and Fitch products at Totally Discounted . Totally Discounted is specialists in Designers Clothing and Designer Clothes UK in the UK and we are proud of our Armani range. We look to purchase only the latest ... Read >
Author: vaishnav

Ideas for advertising your youth club with printed giveaways.

30th October 2008
To achieve advertising success it is very to important to select the most cost effective printed giveaways to put your message on. What are top printed giveaways for youth club? Here is my printed giveaways list for youth club. Spice up your youth c... Read >
Author: Graham Gunningham

Preppy Baby Names Overheard in New England

25th February 2008
Fads come and go, but the preppy lifestyle is almost as old as Yale University. 'Preppy' is so cool that it just never goes out of style. With this in mind, it seemed only logical to put together a list of baby names that preppy parents could really cou... Read >
Author: Neil Street

History of the Ladies Polo Shirt

01st July 2007
For many women, where their clothing comes from is not nearly as important as what it looks like when they put it on. But knowing where your favorite t-shirt or polo shirt first originated can give a better sense of how this piece of clothing might fit in... Read >
Author: Grant Eckert

Why the Polo Shirt has Made a Comeback Within Ladies' Fashion

23rd April 2007
The polo shirt is not a new fashion creation. It first appeared as part of the fashion scene in the late 1800s. Oddly enough, and fittingly so, polo shirts were first described as such in reports on polo players. Male Polo players of the Hurlingham Polo C... Read >
Author: Grant Eckert

What should you wear on the Royal Caribbean Cruise?

25th January 2007
If you are planning to take a luxury Royal Caribbean Cruise, probabilities are you are all set for the grand getaway, right? At any rate, you may find yourself in a dilemma on what to wear on Royal Caribbean Cruises while in the middle of rummaging throug... Read >
Author: Timothy Millar

Trade Show Goodies - Tantalizing Treats

16th November 2006
Trade show goodies can be used by applying two distinct strategies. Massively giving out trade goodies works when you can buy them at really low prices, whereas targeting qualified leads comes when you're looking for more exclusive products. When you are ... Read >
Author: Patty Stripes

How to Dress: Hip Hop Clothes!

22nd November 2005
The hip hop culture has become one of the hottest and most powerful things in the music and fashion business. Hip hopers are some of the most influential celebrities in the world today; they influence music, style and fashion. The truth is that hip ho... Read >
Author: Ispas Marin
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