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Selling a Note, Which is Best Partial Sale or Full Sale?

31st July 2006
If you are like most people when you consider selling a note, you generally think about selling the entire note. And, in some cases, that may be the best solution. One of the advantages of selling the entire note is that once you have sold the note, ... Read >
Author: Enrique Marrufo

Retire rich - How to become rich overnight

23rd June 2006
Was out having dinner with a couple of friends last night and one of them asked me, 'So how do I get rich really quick?' When I heard that question, I was stumped. I didn't know what to say to him at that point in time! So, I went home, sat myself down... Read >
Author: Jeremy Neo

Your "Last Will & Testament:" Why You Need One, What You Need In It, and the Smart Ste

19th January 2006
Preparing a "Last Will and Testament" - commonly known simply as a will -- is not something that anyone enjoys thinking about or doing. But it is something that almost every adult -- especially those with children -- should think about and do. The majorit... Read >
Author: Brian Vaszily
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