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Pregnancy and Medicines

09th March 2006
Are Medications During Pregnancy Safe? The answer is – it depends.  Comments made recently by Britain's Royal College of GPs head of prescribing indicate that he feels the pharmaceutical companies are now being overcautious when it comes to me... Read >
Author: Richard Dorkins

Installing Linux on iPod Nano with Windows

08th January 2006
Installing Linux on your iPod from Windows wasn't possible in the past. This simple guide will get Linux running on your iPod nano within minutes. Before you can start installing Linux on your nano, you will have to make some changes to your iPod's sys... Read >
Author: Mark Spencer

Shih Tzu - Toys And Special Treats

30th October 2005
Inspect your dog's toys often. If there are pieces bit off the toy, discard it. Usually small pieces of a toy or chew will pass through a dog's system, but they could end up causing an intestinal blockage instead. Flimsy vinyl or plastic toys or balls ... Read >
Author: Connie Limon


12th July 2005
Imagine a wonderfully rare and beautiful plant growing in your garden. Started from seed, and nurtured daily, the plant has gradually unfolded year after year into a thing of beauty. Now imagine ripping it out of the ground by the roots, plopping it into ... Read >
Author: Susan Taylor Brown
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