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Shifting Gears

03rd April 2015
HOW TO REVERSE NEGATIVE BELIEFS Until the negative conditioning is reversed, the ability to persist until a goal is achieved can become problematic. When we are about to pursue a goal or objective, negative conditioning generally manifests as self- dou... Read >
Author: Femi Adebanji

Seven Considerations to Clarify Your Cloud Selection

03rd April 2015
You may be sold on the value of moving data and applications to the cloud, but choosing a provider is a weighty decision. Here’s what you need to look at before making the jump. Even if you’re certain you require cloud services to round out your IT inf... Read >
Author: onxenterprise

How You Can Dominate The Whole First Page of Google

03rd April 2015
Your online reputation could impact mostly every aspect of the digital marketing program from the conversion rate on pages up to the click-through rate for paid search. Controlling conversation around the brand would be critical to upholding and improving... Read >
Author: Peterzmijewski

From Your Spouse’s Heart To Jannah

03rd April 2015
Husbands and wives please don’t skip the page; your spouse needs your support to improve themselves in the sight of Allah. A family, comes in balance only if the both wife and husband play their role in equilibrium. Obviously a balanced system is the o... Read >
Author: Alquran Classes

1. How to Track Stock Investment Performance for Future Investments

03rd April 2015
Ram is furious that his stock’s price tumbled after announcement of results. He is not mad because the stock prices went down but because he felt the announced results were excellent and would warrant a sharp upturn in price. He argued with his friends ab... Read >
Author: VVK Prasad Vivekam

Part 1: Asset protection with Joint Tenancy, Tenancy in Common & Community Property

01st March 2007
PART 1: ASSET PROTECTION: JOINT TENANCY, TENANCY IN COMMON, TENANCY IN ENTIRETY & COMMUNITY PROPERTY THE CONCEPT OF ASSET PROTECTION includes the possibility of placing title in certain assets in the name of a less vulnerable spouse or other family mem... Read >
Author: Rocco Beatrice

It's More than Just Dirt: How to Choose the Correct Round Pen Footing

21st March 2006
© 2006 E. Landers Just as you wouldn't put down a dirt floor in your bathroom, there are certain issues you should think through when deciding what type of footing to use in your round pen. Too often we don't give this enough thought, or tend to go wit... Read >
Author: Elizabeth Landers

How to Suceed in the Virtual Assistant Profession

07th August 2005
So you want to be a Virtual Assistant, huh?Having built a successful Virtual Assistant practice myself, I can tell you it can be very rewarding being your own boss, doing work you love for fantastic clients. But make no mistake--this is a real profession ... Read >
Author: Danielle Keister
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