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Benefits of Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique for Night Sleep and Better Wellbeing

24th May 2011
Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique is a part of the Buteyko breathing technique. When Dr. Konstantin Buteyko taught his first patients (mostly hospitalized people with severe asthma and heart diseases), they all discovered that sleep produces a profound adver... Read >
Author: Dr Artour Rakhimov

Scientific Research Shows Vegetarians at Risk

05th January 2010
Over 5% of the world's population is vegetarian; this is a trend that is growing for reasons of health, cultural beliefs, and other lifestyle factors. Yet there is increasing evidence from research showing that vegetarians are less healthy than non-vegeta... Read >
Author: Russell Eaton

Detailed Information on Moyamoya Disease

17th October 2008
Moyamoya illness is a rare, advanced cerebrovascular disorder characterized by the narrowing or occlusion of main blood vessels leading into the brain, and the formation of abnormal blood vessels called moyamoya vessels. It can occur at any time, but is m... Read >
Author: Juliet Cohen
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