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Pack Wisely: 8 Secrets to Packing For Your Cruise

08th June 2012
Packing for a travel has always been stressful. Some many things to pack yet the airline/cruise ship only allows a certain maximum weight. We’ve narrowed down 8 tips for you to remember when packing for a cruise. Tip 1: Pack hand carry with essentials ... Read >
Author: Nazima Golamaully

Toenail Fungus - Repair It With A Healthy Residence Treatment

21st April 2011
Acidophilus are a group of probiotics or "good" microorganisms that attack the "bad" bacteria accountable for nail fungus. Sachets of the probiotics are marketed in health and fitness outlets and sites that promote all-natural or homeopathic objects.How t... Read >
Author: Greg Mckee

The Cambridge Diet. Does It Really Work?

16th February 2009
OK, So we tried the Cambridge Diet. The Cambridge Diet has been around since 1984 in one form or another. They reckon there are 3 key ingredients to the success of the diet: Flexible solutions that match your needs Nutritionally balanced formula fo... Read >
Author: Derek Torbet
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