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Key opinion leader database creation and maintenance service for biopharmaceutical Industries

17th January 2011
What is KOL and why their Databases are needed? Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are scientific experts or clinical investigators or Physicians and they belong to a specific area of expertise such as Pediatrics, Oncology, Anesthesiology, cardiology, diabetes... Read >
Author: informatics

Carbon Copy Pro Reviewed: Legitimate Home Business?

11th November 2009
For people who are unsure about Carbon Copy Pro and are wondering if it is a legitimate home based business, this article is specifically for you. Carbon Copy Pro has been around since July of 2008, when CEOs and co-founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkins... Read >
Author: BrianKrysti Horwitz

Impressive Architectural Presentation Drawings

06th June 2009
The Value of Architectural Presentation Architectural presentation drawings are the key marketing materials of architectural firms when pitching their designs. They not only serve as mediums to communicate the proposed design but they also serve as their... Read >
Author: Nikki Sabato

Who Is A Bigger Brand: Shahrukh Khan Or Aamir Khan?

29th December 2008
Call them arch rivals or call them good friends, the Shahrukh Khan vs Aamir Khan war has been fought time and over now since the past 14 years. Surprising there has been no clear winner because both SRK and Aamir Khan are hugely popular in Bollywood, with... Read >
Author: arunraj v.s.
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