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Gourmet award winning Bistrot restaurant in Thessaloniki

30th June 2010
The newly introduced gourmet Bistrot bar-restaurant of the Excelsior hotel, situated in the heart of Thessaloniki is considered to be the new "discovery" of the Bistrot-Brasserie category. A cozy corner in the middle of the metropolis with a charming atmo... Read >
Author: Dimitris

Types and Variants of Sushi Rolls

23rd October 2009
Sushi connoisseurs love sushi in roll form. There are two primary types of sushi rolls that are sold in restaurants and sushi bars both in Japan and in North America.The first style of sushi roll has the nori, or seaweed, on the outside of the roll. The s... Read >
Author: Kimiko Shisumo

Tomatoes and Cucumbers to Detox

03rd April 2007
If you love someone who is an alcoholic, or you are struggling with your own alcohol problem, you may be interested in the process of alcohol detoxification. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life threatening, depending on the se... Read >
Author: hazel
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