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Get to Know Maldives

08th October 2012
A lot is said about Maldives from tourism point of view. There is enough web literature on its breathtaking natural beauty, gorgeous sea and ambiance of resorts and holiday homes Maldives. But not much has been reflected on its culture, capital or, to sta... Read >
Author: rajnish

Filipino Food and Eating Habit

14th November 2011
Filipino cuisine is a combination of several taste, it could be Chinese, Western, Spanish. For whatever influences it from be, Filipino embraces those food recipe through the time. Filipino consumes three major meals a day, almusal, tanghalian and hapunan... Read >
Author: Anjo

Filipino Food and Eating Habit

10th October 2011
Preparing flavorful is always been a part for being Filipino especially for Filipina mother. Some maybe sweet, sour salty or spicy as Filipino food has a taste of different flavor- It could be Chinese, American, Spanish, Malaysian or Indonesian. Filipin... Read >
Author: Anjo

Papaya, Carrots, and Fried fish Salad - Filipino Salad Recipe

20th May 2011
Papaya, Carrots, and Fried fish Salad - Filipino Salad Recipe Everybody loves a good tasting dish, especially when its both healthy and affordable. So, I looked for a meal that is both healthy and affordable, and I found out this new meal a salad rec... Read >
Author: cookeatlove

Kelantanese Cuisine, food of Malaysia

11th December 2006
The Kelantanese cuisine, heavily influenced by Thai cuisine, is quite popular among Malaysians. In fact, many visitors come to Kelantan just to taste the special delicacies that cannot be found elsewhere. The use of sugar is a must in every Kelantanese ki... Read >
Author: salampantaitimur
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