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The Benefits of Heater Hire for Chemical Plants

16th July 2012
Chemicals are widely used in consumer goods manufacturing, as well as in industry, agriculture, and construction. The UKs chemical and pharmaceuticals businesses are worth 60 billion, with the vast majority of them supplying goods to both national and i... Read >
Author: Steve Reeve

Distributed Control System (DCS)

01st June 2011
A distributed control system (DCS) refers to a control system usually an industrial system, process or any kind of dynamic system in which regulatory elements are not central in position (like the brain), but are distributed throughout the system with eac... Read >
Author: sarlatech

The Different Types Of Sanitary Floor Drains

05th May 2011
Sanitation is absolutely pertinent in all kinds of work fields. The first place that comes to mind where sanitary floor drains are utilized is restaurants and rightly so. Current plumbing and building codes require safe handling of food in not only said r... Read >
Author: Alexander Sutton

Basics on Louvers

22nd February 2011
A louver is essentially a series of slanted blades (sometimes referred to as slats or fins) designed to permit airflow while also deflecting media such as dirt, water or solid objects. However, since no single set of louvers can satisfy every set of requi... Read >
Author: Ryan Boots

Realizing The Importance Of Using The Proper Equipment For Tank Cleaning In Industrial Facilities

18th May 2010
Any industry, regardless of what it produces or manufactures, has a large tank in its grounds. Tanks are often utilized as storage chambers, but different companies have different uses for them. No matter what their purpose is, one thing is sure that all ... Read >
Author: joalesto

Perimeter Security Planning at Chemical Facilities to Meet CFATS Regulations

24th July 2008
In March 2008, the House Committee on Homeland Security voted to amend the 2002 Homeland Security Act that will extend, modify and codify the authority of the Secretary of the Department Homeland Security (DHS) to enhance the protection against acts of te... Read >
Author: Howard White
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