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VoIP: An effective device of the BPO

22nd February 2010
The demand of VoIP is continuously increasing in the BPO firms and the business concerns as well. Traditional phone calls cost more than the calls on VoIP. Thus, businesses utilize this service to save on the expenses involved in telephone calls. The volu... Read >
Author: Ivana Lewis

Mixed reactions to new Ofcom VoIP regulations

09th May 2007
Ofcom will start regulating the burgeoning internet telecoms sector this summer to ensure that customers are fully aware of the potential limitations of some computer-based phone services. Ofcom said that by the end of the year, there could be as many... Read >
Author: Alison White

VoIP Telecom Billing Fraud shakes telecom industry

28th June 2006
The federal government on June 8 arrested Edwin Andrew Pena, 23, owner of Fortes Telecom Inc. and Miami Tech & Consulting Inc., for hacking into other VoIP providers' networks, routing his own customers' calls onto those platforms, then billing those comp... Read >
Author: No Last Name
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