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Fixing 'Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store with error c104173c …' error in Exchange Server

01st July 2010
Information store is the most vital component of Microsoft Exchange. When the Exchange Server is hit by corruption issues, information store also gets affected. It is made up of four database files viz Priv1.edb, Priv1.stm, Pub1.edb and Pub1.stm. When cor... Read >
Author: Axel Culver

Solve Windows Error 'unable to determine volume version and state'

18th March 2010
A hard disk file system is a method that hard drives uses to store and manage all the data it contains. NTFS is one such file system that employs index structure using B+ trees to locate the stored data. Once the file system gets corrupted, a user experie... Read >
Author: k madhav

Error “0x8004005” May Indicate DBX Corruption In Microsoft Outlook Express

05th March 2010
Does Microsoft Outlook Express refuse to start? Do you think that your Outlook Express message store is damaged? Are you unable to see your emails and other objects of Outlook Express account? This behavior of MS Outlook Express may occur due to damaged D... Read >
Author: Repair Outlook PSt

Repair Removable Disk

05th January 2010
Repair removable disk program Download safe removal media data revival software Wednesday, 30 December, 2009: Removable media data rescue utility recovers all digital files saved in different formats including gif, midi, jpeg, txt, wav, bmp, mpeg, tiff... Read >
Author: Free data recovery

Zip Corruption Due to Invalid File Structure

30th July 2009
WinZip is a popular and widely used file compression utility, which compresses files and folder in Zip file format. In order to access data from the Zip file, you need to extract it. But in some cases, like corruption to the Zip file, it can not be extrac... Read >
Author: Sam Joseph

Resolving Common Error Message in MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000

18th May 2009
A corrupted MS Access database always results in an error message or a warning message. In most cases, the error messages differ as per the program version. However, there are few error messages that remain same in all the Access versions. Error messages,... Read >
Author: colindolly

Data Recovery after Physical Crash of Database Server

18th May 2009
A database server can be a computer or a computer program running on a database server computer. The server computer processes user requests of various client systems over a network and takes care of all incoming and outgoing data (large number of transac... Read >
Author: Serves Best

Missing or Corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file

13th May 2009
In Windows NT based operating systems, ntoskrnl.exe runs as a critical process in the boot-up cycle of your computer. It is the kernel image for operating system and is responsible for system services like memory management, hardware virtualization. ntosk... Read >
Author: sourabh rana

MDF Corruption Due to OS Errors or I/O Check Failure

07th May 2009
Sometimes you may face system or hardware problems while writing data to or reading from the SQL Server 2000 database. These issues can make your database inaccessible and cause serious data loss. In such situations, all your critical data becomes unusabl... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

STOP 0x1000007E Message in Windows Vista

27th March 2009
A STOP error in Windows operating system can occur due to software or hardware malfunctioning. After a STOP error message appears, it halts the booting process of the Windows operating system and also makes the data stored in the hard drive inaccessible. ... Read >
Author: jacobluis

Bad CRC and Zip Corruption

27th October 2008
There are some situations where you need to compress you large size files or folders. It is required especially when you send these files, via mail, from one computer to another. It can also be done to save the disk space. The most common and easy method ... Read >
Author: spears
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