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The basic ranunculus care and maintenance instructions

15th November 2011
While starting a flower garden, all we can expect is vibrant blooms filling up the beds and brightening the landscape. Ranunculus is known for the same attributes. Yes, it produces bright colored blooms in shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, re... Read >
Author: bechercarroll

Natural Stone Garden Edging

17th June 2011
Landscape edging is used for so many reasons. It helps maintain the shape of a garden bed, prevents the soil from escaping, and helps keep the grass from spreading into the flower bed or garden. Oh yes, and landscape edging helps to keep those pesky weeds... Read >
Author: gill.solutions

6 Fantastic Uses for a Polytunnel

31st January 2011
Guard your plants from harsh conditions with a garden polytunnel. You may not be familiar with the term polytunnel but the chances are you will have seen a garden polytunnel before in a nursery. Made from plastic or glass a polytunnel completely covers yo... Read >
Author: Desmond Edwards

Starting a Vegetable Garden Ė The Lazy Manís Way

23rd November 2010
Starting a vegetable garden is laborious. Indeed, you need to put in a tremendous amount of effort and attention. On cooler months you have to allow your garden beds to rest, thus no harvest to bring home. Also, conventional vegetable garden method req... Read >
Author: Info Spreader
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