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Experiencing God Through the Law of God, -- or Through the Grace of God and the Love of God

29th November 2012
This is closely akin to a topic I just wrote about: how to know God, and how to know we are right with God. But this is on a deeper level: actually experiencing God, and connecting with him. There are two ways we have of experiencing God. FIRST is by m... Read >
Author: The Gospel Coach

Character Development - Importance Of Using Good Books

29th June 2012
Reading is a fun and interactive way to bond with kids. Child experts advocate reading a good book to a young child every day. It is frequently done before a child goes to sleep. It is an exemplary way to end the day as it leaves the kid's imagination flo... Read >
Author: Clivir Team

Which Bible

27th June 2012
Which Bible Today we have basically two versions of the Bible to choose from. They differ substantially on many hundreds of verses and this is a serious thing. Who is correct? Are these texts supposed to be in the Bible or not? This is do... Read >
Author: bdrums

Interesting Facts About Baptisms And The Different Rituals

13th June 2011
When children are born to those in the Christian faith, a certain ritual takes place which is often referred to as a sacrament and is also known as a christening. Below, you'll find interesting facts about baptisms and the different rituals that are perfo... Read >
Author: Carolyn Clayton

The Real Meaning of Heaping Coals on Your Enemy's Head - Proverbs 25:21-22

17th November 2010
For many years I thought that the verse in the New Testament that is a quote of this one was wrong. It just did not line up with my understanding of grace. Then one day I was at a training course and the leader gave us all the true meaning of heaping coal... Read >
Author: Matthew Robert Payne

Ellen White Study Bible: May it be Trusted?

30th April 2010
The Ellen White Study Bible may it be trusted? What is so different about the Ellen White Study Bible 1st of all the fact that it comes with choices in leather covers seemed very advantageous. sometimes you feel like the true cow hide leather and sometime... Read >
Author: David Rosales

Center of Trust by Richard Roberts

06th October 2009
SPKM BILL NORDSTROM AD01 2 years gone Evangelist Oral Roberts announced the completion of a landmark work, the whole New Testament recorded on audio cassette, with the extra bonus of a total commentary, based on Oral Roberts' more than 35 years of active ... Read >
Author: Harry Cote

How To Receive More Of God's Favor

06th July 2009
I was teaching recently and asked the audience who they thought really deserved God's favor. I then told them to take a piece of paper sometime, and write down a list of people that they thought really ought to receive favor from God. "If your name is ... Read >
Author: Michael A Verdicchio

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

01st July 2009
The passage written by the apostle Paul and found in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," (NKJV) is a verse I became very familiar with when our young son entered kindergarten many years ago. Tears and fear is what we... Read >
Author: Denny Smith

God controls the weather and there is no climate change

19th May 2009
The tells us at Job 37:3-13 that God controls the wind, heat, cold, clouds, sun, rain, lightening, thunder, snow, ice, and tempests. There is no passage in the Scriptures that says or implies that God gave up control of the weather to humans in the Old or... Read >
Author: Mark Replogle

How You Can Memorize The Entire Bible

21st July 2008
If you do a search on the internet for ways to memorize the bible, you've undoubtedly ran into a myriad of sites that teach basic memory (mnemonics) techniques, songs that teach you to sing bible verses, and various strategies and gimmicks, such as writin... Read >
Author: David Michael Wood

Should Man Live According To The Bible?

18th June 2008
There is a book called the Bible which we have all heard of as the one that is the word of God straight from him concerning all from the world's creation to our own while not excluding how he believes we should behave toward not only him but each other. T... Read >
Author: Gianni Truvianni

Is There Power In Prayer?

27th June 2007
Is There Power In Prayer? God revealed to me one day that there is no real power in our prayers because real POWER IS ONLY IN HIM. Now, I'm sure that some of you will look at the first part of that statement and question if it is un-Biblical non-se... Read >
Author: Akili Kumasi

About the History of the Christian Fish Symbol

26th January 2007
In recent years the Christian Fish Symbol has been affixed on the back of cars, made into key chains and is visible in many other locations. Christians use it to demonstrate to the world that they are believers in the only one true God. The Origin of t... Read >
Author: Women in the Bible

Apostles in the Marketplace

08th November 2006
By Rich Marshall for the Elijah List A number of years ago, when I first heard teaching about apostles, speakers likened this person to a missionary. That made it acceptable in a local church setting. People could identify with apostles sent to foreig... Read >
Author: Bo Cable
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